Validating with Sandbox

This section offers a suggested plan for validating your app using our sandbox to ensure a successful integration with the Akoya Data Access Network.

Please reference the error case inventory, pagination document, and the various Mikomo test users available in the sandbox as you complete these tests. Akoya provides a set of generic Mikomo users to test our APIs. Provider-specific Mikomo users and data inventories are also available in the Data Recipient Hub.



Samples are based on production data, but responses may be updated or changed by providers.


Akoya API docsAkoya API Docs
Integration guideOnboarding: Integration
Akoya error code inventory
Authentication errorsAuthentication errors
Token API errorsToken API errors
Akoya API errorsData Access API errors
Mikomo test users
General test usersMikomo
Provider-specificHoused within the Hub; please reference provider-specific pages for data inventories and provider-specific Mikomo test users

Our plan includes four sections which cover:

  1. Authentication: Authentication flow to the point when Akoya returns an ID token.

  2. Token management: The ID token refresh/revocation process.

  3. Akoya product responses: Responses from Akoya API endpoints.

  4. Akoya API Error Cases: Errors triggered by Akoya data APIs.