This document provides an overview of the type of error responses returned by our APIs.

The type of error responses you receive will vary by the endpoint you're using (or the type of request you’re making in the case of authentication and authorization). Rather than returning generic responses that offer little insight into the root cause of the problem, we provide tailored error responses per API. We also have a separate set of error responses for the authentication/authorization process.


Handling 500-level errors

We recommend implementing three (3) retries to help your app deal with short-lived, transient failures. The waiting time between retries should increase exponentially with each retry attempt.

Error responses returned deal with the following error states:

  • redirect_uri parameter is missing, or is unregistered
  • providerId is missing or incorrect
  • client_id is missing or incorrect
  • Server/subsystem errors

  • code parameter (obtained during the authentication process) is incorrect or missing
  • redirect_uri is missing or unregistered
  • grant_type is incorrect or missing
  • client_id and/or client_secret is incorrect or missing
  • refresh_token, client_id, and/or client_secret are missing, invalid, or claimed by another client
  • token_type_hint is not set to refresh_token

  • Invalid input
  • Invalid start or end date
  • Invalid date range
  • Customer not authorized
  • providerId is incorrect, or your app does not have a subscription to that provider
  • Customer not found
  • Account not found
  • Account type not supported
  • Server/subsystem errors

Please review the pages in this section for more details: