Balances and rates of bank accounts, credit cards, loans, investments, and more.

The Akoya Balances product combines basic end-user account information with the latest, actionable financial account data including: available balance, payment amounts, due dates, credit card rewards details, limits, due dates, year-to-date interest, and more.

The balances endpoint returns all data available in the Account info product plus data such as current balance, payment dates, and other data (listed below). To use this product, you must have the end-user’s consent and their associated ID token for permissioned data.

Results for balances are returned in JSON in FDX format. Balances include a common grouping of data and may contain additional data elements for annuity, deposit, insurance, investment, line of credit, or loan account categories.

Example response


Data elements shown are not exhaustive

This is an example. See the chart below for a complete list of supported data elements.

    "depositAccount": {
      "accountId": "g833202fb0866d0ad83472c429",
      "accountType": "CHECKING",
      "accountNumberDisplay": "xxxxxxxx0071",
      "currency": {
        "currencyCode": "USD"
      "description": "Checking Plus",
      "fiAttributes": [
            "name": "accountOpenedDate",
            "value": "2020-04-23"
            "name": "interestPaidLastYear",
            "value": "3.20"
      "nickname": "Nickname Checking Plus 0071",
      "productName": "Checking Plus",
      "status": "OPEN",
      "lineOfBusiness": "Personal",
      "balanceType": "ASSET",
      "interestRate": 0.0125,
      "interestRateType": "FIXED",
      "interestRateAsOf": "2022-03-24T14:15:22Z",
      "lastActivityDate": "2022-03-24T14:15:22Z",
      "currentBalance": 106717.06,
      "availableBalance": 106717.06,
      "balanceAsOf": "2022-03-24T14:15:22Z"

Supported data elements



Balances product responses vary by account category.

All account categories


account infotrueIncludes account info data elements

Deposit accounts

may also include:

balanceAsOfstring(date-time)As-of date of balances
openingDayBalancenumberDay's opening fund balance
availableBalancenumberBalance of funds available for use
interestYtdnumberYTD Interest
currentBalancenumberBalance of funds in account

Loan accounts

may also include:

balanceAsOfstring(date-time)As-of date of balances
escrowBalancenumberEscrow balance of loan
interestPaidYearToDatenumberInterest paid year to date
lastPaymentAmountnumberLast payment amount
lastPaymentDatestring(date-time)Last payment date
nextPaymentAmountnumberAmount of next payment
nextPaymentDatestring(date-time)Date of next payment
originalPrincipalnumberOriginal principal of loan
payOffAmountnumberPayoff amount
principalBalancenumberPrincipal balance of loan

Line of credit accounts

may also include:

balanceAsOfstring(date-time)As-of date of balances
advancesAprnumberAdvances APR
availableCashnumberAvailable cash
availableCreditnumberAvailable credit
cashAdvanceLimitnumberCash advance limit
creditLinenumberCredit limit
currentBalancenumberCurrent balance LOC
currentRewardsBalancenumberCurrent rewards balance
financeChargesnumberFinance charges
lastPaymentAmountnumberLast payment amount
lastPaymentDatestring(date-time)Last payment date
lastStmtBalancenumberLast Statement Balance
lastStmtDatestring(date-time)Last Statement Date
minimumPaymentAmountnumberMinimum payment amount
nextPaymentAmountnumberAmount of next payment
nextPaymentDatestring(date-time)Due date of next payment
pastDueAmountnumberPast Due Amount
pointsAccruednumberPoints accrued
principalBalancenumberPrincipal balance
pointsRedeemednumberPoints redeemed
purchasesAprnumberPurchases APR

Investment accounts

may also include:

availableCashBalancenumberCash balance across all sub-accounts. Should include sweep funds.
balanceAsOfstring(date-time)As-of date of balances
balanceListarrayArray of balanceList objects.
currentValuenumberTotal current value of all investments
dailyChangenumberDaily change
marginBalancenumberMargin balance
percentageChangenumberPercentage change
rolloverAmountnumberRollover amount
shortBalancenumberShort balance


balanceNamestringName of the balance.
balanceDescriptionstringDescription of balance.
balanceTypestringThe type of an investment balance. AMOUNT or PERCENTAGE.
balanceValuenumberValue of balance name.
balanceDatestring(date-time)Date as of this balance.
currencycurrency objectcurrency object which may include currencyRate, currencyCode, and originalCurrencyCode

Insurance accounts

may also include:

policyCoverageAmountnumberTotal amount of money the user is insured for.
policyEndDatestring(date-time)The premium end date.
policyPremiumnumberThe amount of the user's premium.
policyPremiumTermstringThe payment term for the premium. MONTHLY or ANNUAL.
policyStartDatestring(date-time)The premium start date.

Annuity accounts

may also include:

All of the below are deprecated in FDX 5 and will be removed in FDX 6.

annualIncreasenumberPercent or dollar amount of annual payment increase
annualIncreaseTypestringFIXED, PERCENT, DOLLAR. Deprecated, will be removed in FDX 6.0.
netPresentValuenumberSurrender or cash balance value
paymentAmountnumberAmount of the recurring payment
paymentEndDatestring(date-time)Date last payment will be made
paymentStartDatestring(date-time)Date of first payment; could be a future date
periodCertainGuaranteestringNONE, 5-YEAR, 10-YEAR, 20-YEAR, 30-YEAR.
totalPaymentCountnumberTotal number of payments that will be produced by the annuity