Account information available with all Akoya products.

Akoya products include basic account information such as identifiers, account types, status, descriptions, and everything you need for top level information about an end-user’s account(s).

This account information is available as a standalone endpoint and is also included in results of balances and investment endpoints. To use this product, you must have the end-user’s consent and their associated ID token for permissioned data.

Results for account info are returned in JSON in FDX format. Account info includes a common grouping of data and may contain additional data elements for annuity, deposit, insurance, investment, or loan account types.

Example response


Data elements shown are not exhaustive

This is an example. See the chart below for a complete list of supported data elements.

    "depositAccount": {
      "accountId": "g833202fb0866d0ad83472c429",
      "accountType": "CHECKING",
      "accountNumberDisplay": "xxxxxxxx0071",
      "currency": {
        "currencyCode": "USD"
      "description": "Checking Plus",
      "fiAttributes": [
            "name": "accountOpenedDate",
            "value": "2020-04-23"
            "name": "interestPaidLastYear",
            "value": "3.20"
      "nickname": "Nickname Checking Plus 0071",
      "productName": "Checking Plus",
      "status": "OPEN",
      "lineOfBusiness": "Personal",
      "balanceType": "ASSET",
      "interestRate": 0.0125,
      "interestRateType": "FIXED",
      "interestRateAsOf": "2022-03-24T14:15:22Z",
      "lastActivityDate": "2022-03-24T14:15:22Z"

Supported data elements



Account info responses vary by account category.

All account categories

accountIdstringLong-term persistent identity of the account. Not an account number. This identity must be unique to the owning institution.
accountTypestringThe type of an account. For instance, CHECKING, SAVINGS, 401K, etc.
accountNumberDisplaystringAccount display number for the end user’s handle at owning institution. This is to be displayed by the Interface Provider.
currency[currency]Indicates the currency code used by the account. May also include currency rate.
descriptionstringDescription of account.
fiAttributes[fiAttribute]Data provider-specific attributes.
nicknamestringName given by the user. Used in UIs to assist in account selection
productNamestringMarketed product name for this account. Used in UIs to assist in account selection
statusstringThe status of an account.
lineOfBusinessstringThe line of business, such as consumer, consumer joint, small business, corporate, etc.
balanceTypestringASSET (positive transaction amount increases balance), LIABILITY (positive transaction amount decreases balance).
interestRatenumberInterest Rate of Account
interestRateTypestringThe type of interest rate. FIXED or VARIABLE.
interestRateAsOfstring(date-time)Date of account’s interest rate
lastActivityDatestring(date-time)Date that last transaction occurred on account
micrNumberstringMICR Number
parentAccountIdstringLong-term persistent identity of the parent account. This is used to group accounts.
priorInterestRatenumberPrevious Interest Rate of Account
transferInbooleanAccount is eligible for incoming transfers
transferOutbooleanAccount is eligible for outgoing transfers

Deposit accounts

may also include:

annualPercentageYieldnumberAnnual Percentage Yield. If account type = CD, required.
termintegerTerm of CD in months
maturityDatestring(date-time)Maturity date for CDs. If account type = CD, required.

Line of credit accounts

No additional data elements

Loan accounts

may also include:

loanTermintegerTerm of loan in months
maturityDatestring(date-time)Maturity date is required for CDs
originatingDatestring(date-time)Loan origination date
totalNumberOfPaymentsintegerTotal number of payments

Investment accounts

may also include:

allowedCheckWritingbooleanCheck writing privileges
allowedOptionTradebooleanAllowed to trade options
brokerIdstringUnique identifier FI
calendaryearFor401KstringDate for this calendar year for 401K account
employerNamestringName of the employer in investment 401k Plan
marginbooleanMargin trading is allowed
planIdstringPlan number for Investment 401k plan

Insurance accounts

may also include:


Annuity accounts

may also include: