Data providers


The data providers list includes all active providers

The “Data providers” menu option displays an exhaustive list of all active providers on the Akoya platform and does not reflect your own subscriptions. To view your subscriptions, click “My apps,” select your application, and click “Subscriptions.”

The “Data providers” section displays a list of all providers live on the Akoya network.

Data dictionary

The Akoya data dictionary is currently available in an excel file downloadable from the Hub. The dictionary includes current coverage of data elements supported by ten of our providers and two core providers. Please see our Data dictionary guide for more information (you must be logged into the Hub to view the article). You can also search for the data dictionary guide in the Support Center.

You can download the latest version of our data dictionary by clicking the teal “Download data dictionary” button at the top-right corner of the window. This document is a comprehensive list of data element support by provider and is updated regularly.

Download the data dictionary

Download the data dictionary

Searching and filtering

Search or filter the provider list

Search or filter the provider list

Search box

Search for a provider by name or provider ID. Results will display in the window as you type.

Filter by product

Clicking on the vertical ellipsis will bring up a list of Akoya products to select from an “any” or “all” match drop-down:

  • “Any” will return a list of providers who support at least one of the products selected.
  • “All” will return a list of providers who support all the products you’ve selected.

Export provider data

You can export a complete or filtered provider list to CSV or JSON.

CSV supported fields

provider_nameProvider display name
provider_idUnique provider ID
supported_productsAkoya product(s) supported by the provider

JSON supported data elements

NameData typeDescription
displayNameStringProvider display name
idStringUnique provider ID
supportedProductsArray(String)Akoya product(s) supported by the provider

Below are sample CSV and JSON exports.



The actual export is unbeautified JSON. The example below has been formatted for easier viewing.

    "displayName": "Mikomo",
    "id": "mikomo",
    "supportedProducts": [

Provider info pages

Clicking on any provider will take you to it's info page.

The provider info page is separated into the following tabs:

  • Account types
    • displays a list of all account types and their corresponding accountType enum values (shown in the Hub under the "CODE" column).
  • Data inventory
    • displays a list of data elements supported by that provider.
  • Documentation
    • The “Documentation” tab contains documentation with implementation considerations specific to that provider.
  • Sample users
    • The “Sample Users” tab includes a list of test accounts for use in the sandbox environment. These accounts exist in our mock provider, Mikomo Bank, and their account data reflects provider nuances with respect to the data elements supported.

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