Akoya follows FDX standards for timestamps in requests.

The startTime and endTime query parameters for the Transactions endpoint must follow RFC 3339, an extension of the ISO8601 format requiring both the date and time in the string. The time should be in UTC:

  • Data type: string

  • Example input: 2019-02-26T00:00:00Z

  • When specifying a time range, both startTime and endTime must be used.


After you submit your request, Akoya will convert the timestamp to whichever ISO8601 format that provider utilizes then pass the request on to the provider. The response is then passed back to you as-is.

Providers may use any format within the ISO8601 standard, so the exact timestamp in response payloads will vary. Your implementation should take this into account through customization per provider or by using a code library for dates.

Returned timestamp examples

  • 2021-07-15T14:46:41.375Z

  • 2019-09-16T00:00:00.000+0000

  • 2022-01-31T05:00:00Z

  • 2021-08-09

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