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Transaction Date

We have 2 date postedTimestamp and transactionTimestamp in transaction response. Most of time we get transactionTimestamp only. Can you explain the difference between these 2 and which one will be displayed in site for user ?

2FA on Akoya

How does Akoya function for clients with 2FA setup?

Streamlining Mikomo Accounts Transactions

Hi, Why can't we simplify this process by allowing a default request without parameters to fetch all transactions for a user? Ideally, such a request would initially return the oldest transaction. Subsequently, we could retrieve additional data in a paginated format using the 'next' property. This approach seems more streamlined and user-friendly. Any guidance on efficiently managing these transactions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your assistance. Best regards, Shimri

๐ŸŒ Anticipating Fintech's Future

As we continue to innovate at Akoya, we would like to know: What are some fintech trends or challenges you foresee in the next 5 years, and how can we best position ourselves to address them together?

Rate Limiting

We use /accounts-info and /transactions endpoints. If we send several requests concurrently, we often end up receiving HTTP 429 Too Many Requests in response, with FDX error code 1207, Too Many Requests This is a standard behavior with REST API services, returning 429 Too Many Requests if their rate limits are exceeded. However, I couldn't find anywhere in Akoya documentation, what are the limits? For example, how many concurrent requests per client Id is able to make, or how many requests per second or minute or hour? Please confirm what are the rate limits of Akoya, so that we configure API request throttling limits on our side and stop sending too many requests too fast. Cheers

Unable to determine client migration status

Currently trying to exchange the for a token explained in get-token api <>. I'm running into 500 errors for `unable to determine client migration status`. Is there a reference for what this error means and how I can fix my request?

IFrame Usage

Is there any intention to allow the Akoya Oauth authentication flow to take place in an IFrame similar to Plaid or MX? It is much less disruptive for our web users to be able to stay on the same page as well as providing a simpler authentication architecture for our developers. Thanks!

get data providers ( banks )

Is there a possibility to get all the providers(banks) with an endpoint REST?? Because we need this information in our backend.

Typo in docs

Just a quick heads up to the Akoya team: there is a typo in the Refresh Token docs. <> On this page, the URL should be POST <> not POST <{token}> The {token} is NOT a URL parameter. That caused me legitimate confusion for a while as I was trying to put the token in the URL.

Holding/Security Data

Hey! ๐Ÿ‘‹ Do you have any list or more structured data of all Securities you are handling? I'm receiving lot's af CUSIPs and "fundcode:XXXX" and it would be nice to have access to detailed information about that.