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Hi I was exploring the site and looking for web hooks to get Updates like if a new Transaction is added to accounts. or updated and deleted. I looked into subscriptions and events but didn't find any relation with web hooks can you help me out in this ?

CORS Error on Authorization Code Endpoint

I am getting CORS error when using the authorization endpoint from my react application on the localhost. I have added this URL "http\://localhost:3000/my-page" but rather than getting this redirect URL along with the code in response, I am getting CORS error. How can we fix this? Otherwise, I can't continue!

Has anyone used get-account-holder?

I want to migrate from using customer-info to get-account-holder. Anyone have any experience using this endpoint and if it can be tested in sandbox?

Transaction Notifications / Webhooks

I’m working on integrating Akoya with sandbox credentials. I’m trying to determine whether I have to poll Akoya for account updates, like new/updated transactions, or if that is something the subscriptions/notification/content APIs can handle via webhooks. I see there are a few mentions of webhooks on the docs site, but I am struggling to find pertinent examples… Perhaps I'm misunderstanding the purpose of the subscriptions / notifications endpoints... I see examples for scheduled maintenance type notifications, but I'm specifically look for transaction/account notifications. Our project also integrates with Plaid, so I’m trying to determine if we’ll be notified of transaction updates via webhooks in a similar capacity, or need to manually request that data. <br /> Thanks!

Inquiry About Availability of Updated Holdings List

Hey, We are using the Accounts endpoint to get the data of the user's investmentAccount, including the holdings. Currently, we have our own internal collection of holdings, and we want to ensure that our data remains in sync with the latest available holdings list provided by your API. We are concerned that the list of holdings returned by the API may become out of sync with our internal collection over time. To mitigate this, we would like to know if there is a way to get an updated list with all the possible holdings provided by your company through the API or any other method. Ideally, we would like to implement a daily synchronization routine where we update our internal collection with the latest holdings from your platform. If such a list is not readily available, please suggest an alternative method for us to stay synchronized with the latest holdings from your company. Thank you for your assistance. Looking forward to your prompt response.

Understanding tax lots and testing in sandbox

Hello, The documentation for the /investments endpoint (<>) shows that the Holding object contains a field called "taxLots". However, when I test the /investments endpoint in the sandbox, the response does not include any taxLot info in the array of holdings objects. Two questions: 1. Are taxLots only returned _sometimes_? If so, in what cases are they returned? 2. Is there anyway to receive taxLots data in a test (i.e. in the sandbox environment)? Do we have to go live in production with real data in order to see an example of taxLots data? Thank you for your time. Best, Andrew <br>

List of financial institutions?

Where can I find a list of all the financial institutions that are part of the Akoya data access network?

Transaction Date

We have 2 date postedTimestamp and transactionTimestamp in transaction response. Most of time we get transactionTimestamp only. Can you explain the difference between these 2 and which one will be displayed in site for user ?

2FA on Akoya

How does Akoya function for clients with 2FA setup?

Streamlining Mikomo Accounts Transactions

Hi, Why can't we simplify this process by allowing a default request without parameters to fetch all transactions for a user? Ideally, such a request would initially return the oldest transaction. Subsequently, we could retrieve additional data in a paginated format using the 'next' property. This approach seems more streamlined and user-friendly. Any guidance on efficiently managing these transactions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your assistance. Best regards, Shimri