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Linking the same instituion tice

See here <> `"If your app rotates tokens before a rolling expiration date or if tokens expire and the end-user must go through the consent flow again, you may link the new refresh token with the end-user by matching the sub value in the ID token's JWT claims."` I understand user must go through the consent flow again, but it's not sure how we can tell Akoya that we're "re-linking" the same thing. Should we send something different at this endpoint? Or maybe we're connecting a new token and now that we have "two", we should check that the "sub" is the same. If that's the case, we consider a duplicate and delete the old one? We're just trying to better understand de-duping or updating tokens,

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Introducing Akoya's Support Tickets! 🎫 (Launched on September 6, 2023) 🚀

Hello developers and fintech innovators, We're excited to introduce support tickets in the _Data Recipient Hub_! This feature is designed to streamline communication and ensure that all questions and concerns are addressed efficiently. ## The real benefits of support tickets in the Hub - **Direct communication**: Now, you can reach out to Akoya's support specialists without having to leave the Hub. - **Faster issue resolution**: With the ability to provide more detailed information, our team can pinpoint and address issues more quickly. - **Organized tracking**: This new ticketing systems allows you to monitor the status of your tickets and receive updates in real-time. ## We support two types of tickets - **Contact Akoya**: _Ideal for general questions, feedback, or non-production related inquiries_. Use the open-ended description box to share your thoughts or seek clarification about the Akoya network or Data Recipient Hub. - **Production Incident**: _Specifically designed for issues or errors in the production environment_. This ticket format allows you to provide crucial details like affected functionality, number of impacted users, date/timestamp, and more, ensuring our support team can accurately troubleshoot your issue. ## How to Access Support tickets are now available in the _Data Recipient Hub_. For a comprehensive guide on using this feature, refer to the [Hub user guide](/docs/hub-manual-contacting-akoya). ## Join the Conversation! 🗨️ Your insights and feedback are valuable to us! Here's how you can contribute: - **Ask questions**: Any questions about the new features or integration? Ask away! - **Share your experience**: If you’ve used our support tickets, we'd love to hear about your experience. - **Suggest improvements**: Your ideas can help shape the future of our support tickets for all Akoya users.

🚀Akoya API v2.2: Latest Enhancements (Released on September 6, 2023) 🚀

Hello Developers and Fintech Innovators, We are excited to bring you the latest updates to Akoya API v2.2. Building on the success of our recently launched Statements product, we are introducing new features, resources, and improvements to further enhance your integration experience on the Akoya network. ## What's New? ### Akoya Management API We’ve officially rolled out the Akoya Management API, which was previously available in preview. This API now enables you to: - **Create Applications**: Seamlessly build applications tailored to your specific needs. - **Request Subscriptions**: Subscribe to various providers on the Akoya network. - **Monitor Apps**: Easily view details and subscription statuses of all your applications filtered by Akoya. For more details, check out the [Management API Guide](ref:management-api-guide). ### ### Updates for FDX v5.3 We are on track to fully support FDX 5.3 by Q1 2024. In preparation of this, we’ve already implemented the following improvement: - **Debug Message Support: **Enhanced error code handling for `debugMessage` available for error codes. #### Partial Response Coverage We’ve also implemented a `206` response to improve error handling. This allows for partial responses when data requests are successful but include an account with an error. The following endpoints now support partial responses: - /account-info - /balances - /accounts #### Interaction Type Header We’ve also introduced a new optional header, `x-akoya-interaction-type`, based on the FDX v5.3 specification. This header can have two values: - **USER**: Indicates a request initiated by an end-user. - **BATCH**: Indicates the request is part of a batch process. Implementing this header allows for better traffic prioritization and enhances the end-user experience. ## Why Should You Care? - **Enhanced Error Handling**: With `206` support, you can now receive partial responses and reduce timeouts and errors. - **Better Traffic Management**: The new interaction type header allows you to indicate the nature of the request, which optimizes the traffic of the network. - **Upcoming FDX 5.3 Support**: Stay ahead of the curve by integrating our latest FDX improvements. ## Join the Conversation! 🗨️ Your insights and feedback are valuable to us! Here's how you can contribute: - **Ask Questions: **Any questions about the new features or integration? Ask away! - **Share Your Experience:** If you're already using Akoya API v2.2, we'd love to hear your thoughts. - **Suggest Improvements:** Your ideas can help shape the future of Akoya’s APIs. Let's continue to innovate and build together! Feel free to join the discussion and make the most out of the Akoya API v2.2!

🚀 Introducing Enhanced Consent Flow (Expected Beta Release in Q3 2023) 🚀

Hello Everyone, We’re excited to share the upcoming improvements that were made to our consent flow. These enhancements ensure that you have a seamless experience by providing you with optimal data access performance while on the Akoya network. ## Why the Consent Flow Enhancement? The consent flow update is not just about performance; it’s also about flexibility, compatibility, and ensuring that you have a seamless integration experience. This update will encompass: - **Optimized Authorization**: Experience a more efficient way of authorizing end-users and generating tokens. - **Scoped Credentials**: Benefit from more flexibility with scoped client credentials and token life cycles. ## Key Features - **Improved Token Generation**: Moving to a new token identity provider (idP) for enhanced performance. - **Enhanced ID Token**: Additional standard JWT claims and new custom Akoya claims. - **Compatibility Assurance**: Minimal changes to the Akoya authorization URL and Token API responses to ensure that your implementations remain unaffected. - **Guided Versioning**: Plan for non-breaking changes as we continue to improve our network. - **Smooth Migration**: We will manage the migration from our existing token identity provider (idP) to the new one, starting in our Sandbox. ## Dive Deeper The consent flow improvements are set to undergo a phased beta release in our production environment in Q3 2023. For a comprehensive understanding, check out the [Versioning documentation](doc:versioning) and the [JSON Web Token Claims Specification]( ## Join the Discussion! 🗨️ We believe in the power of community and collaboration. Your insights, questions, and feedback are vital to the continuous improvement and success. Here's how you can get involved: • **Ask questions:** Have a question about integration, features, or anything else? Feel free to ask in the discussion! • **Share your experience:** We'd love to hear your thoughts and success stories. • **Suggest improvements: **Your ideas can shape the future of the Akoya network. Don't hesitate to share them. Our team, is here to engage with you. Join the conversation now and let's continue innovate together!

🚀 Introducing Akoya's New Statements Product (Released on August 2, 2023) 🚀

Hello Developers and Financial Enthusiasts, We are excited to announce the launch of Akoya's latest innovation, our Statements product. This product is designed to empower you by providing secure access to historical account statements, complete with personal information, account details, and transaction records. ## Why Statements? Statements is more than just a product; it's a pathway to enhanced financial wellness. By integrating Statements into your applications, you can offer solutions for: **• Financial Management:** Help users track their spending and savings. **• Accounting:** Provide detailed account statements for precise record-keeping. **• Tax Preparation:** Simplify tax filing with organized financial data. **• And Much More:** Tailor the product to meet your various financial needs. ## Key Features **• Date Range Selection:** Request up to two years of historical statements (maximum date ranges vary by provider). **• Paginated Response:** Receive an array of statement information, including statement id, date, description, and status. **• FDX 5.1 Specifications**: Ensuring compatibility and standardization. Statements are returned in PDF format. File formats that could be supported in the future are GIF, JPG, TIFF, and PNG. ## Get Started Now Statements is now live in the _Data Recipient Hub_ and in Akoya API v2.1. Dive into the [API Documentation]( to explore more. ## Join the Discussion! 🗨️ We believe in the power of community and collaboration. Your insights, questions, and feedback are vital to the continuous improvement and success of Statements. Here's how you can get involved: **• Ask Questions: **Have a question about integration, features, or anything else? Feel free to ask in the discussion! **• Share Your Experience:** Already using Statements? We'd love to hear your thoughts and success stories. **• Suggest Improvements:** Your ideas can shape the future of Statements. Don't hesitate to share them. Our team is here to engage with you. Let's make Statements a tool that truly resonates with your needs for the modern financial world. Join the conversation now and let's continue innovate together!