After your account is set up, you (and any team members you add) can log into the Hub.

Authentication options

Akoya offers two user authentication options for the Hub:

  • Password-based authentication + MFA (and a biometric option) via our own identity provider (IDP). This Akoya-hosted account is the "default" option.
  • Single sign-on (SSO) via identity federation between the Hub and your company's IDP such as Active Directory.

Admin and Viewer roles are available for both account types.

Akoya-hosted accounts are managed entirely within "My company" in the Hub, while federated accounts are managed by your company’s IDP.

Configuring MFA

After setting your password, you configure MFA. You can either use a software authenticator app (i.e. Google Authenticator) or a hardware security key.

Method 1 - Google Authenticator or similar

The following authentication apps are supported:

  • Google Authenticator
  • Duo
  • Authy

When prompted, scan the QR code and enter the six-digit code from your authentication app to finish the setup.

A recovery code will display on the next screen. This code will allow you to log into your account without the software authenticator in the event you lose access to your device or the settings in the app are lost. Record this code in a safe place.

Check the box indicating that you’ve saved your code and click “Continue.”

Method 2 - Security key



We recommend using Chrome or Safari to register your security key with the Hub.

The exact steps to register your device may vary depending on the device. The steps below are provided as a guide only.

If you select the security key option, click “Use security key,” and insert your device when prompted. You may be asked to enter a pin to unlock your device.

Be sure to record your recovery code at the end. When you finish, you are taken to the Hub overview page.

Biometric login

After configuring MFA, you have the option of configuring biometric login (fingerprint or face recognition) if your device supports it.

Biometric login option

Biometric login option

Troubleshooting MFA

What if I lose access to my MFA app or security key?

If you lose access to your authenticator device/app or if its settings are lost, you’ll need to use your recovery code to log in. At the “Verify your identity” screen where you would normally enter your authenticator code, click the “Try another method” link and select “Recovery code.”

You can use your recovery code to log in if needed.

You can use your recovery code to log in if needed.

Enter your recovery code when prompted, and click “Continue.” You’ll be given a NEW recovery code to use moving forward. Be sure to record this code in a safe place and click “Continue.” You’ll be taken to the Hub Overview page.

If you don’t have the recovery code, please have a team member delete your account and re-invite you (see Deleting users). You will receive a new invite via email. Follow the instructions above to accept the invitation and configure MFA.

If your account is the only one in the Hub , please contact support.


Remember to delete old MFA entries

When your Hub account is recreated, a new code generator will be created and the old one will no longer work.

When your Hub account is recreated, a new code generator will be created and the old one will no longer work.

What’s Next