cURL is a tool that allows you to make HTTP requests from the command line or through scripting. cURL makes use of libcurl, a URL transfer library. For more information, see:


Online documentation

In our online documentation, the curl command examples follow OSX/Linux/Unix command syntax.

If you are using Windows Command shell or PowerShell, there are a few notable differences in using these cURL snippets.

  • Windows does not support single quotes in Command shell. Nor does it support double quotes inside of double quotes. Each example must be edited:
    • Change single quotes to double quotes
    • If you need a double quote inside a double quote, escape the second set of double quotes, for instance: "{\"emailAddress\":\"[email protected]\"}"
  • Line continuation backslashes are used for readability and are not necessary. These backslashes may be deleted. Or, replace the backslash with a ^ in Command shell or ` in PowerShell.
OSX/Linux/UnixWindows cmd.exePowerShell
Line Continuation Character\^`
Quotes types'"'


For Postman, you may set the line continuation character and quote types by selecting settings in the code snippet box (in upper right panel of the app) then selecting the options appropriate to your OS. You may also turn off multi-line snippets which removes the line continuation backslash.


Postman: Open code snippet cURL settings