Guide for production access

After you’ve tested in our sandbox and integrated your app into the Akoya network, you’ll be ready to request production access through the Data Recipient Hub.

While the onboarding process is self-driven, we’re providing this guide to give you a high-level overview. Onboarding includes the following steps:

  1. Onboarding questionnaire
  2. Pricing
  3. Security and Risk Review
  4. Legal Agreement


Access for legal and security team members

During onboarding, the admin role should be given to team members who have the authority to handle the legal and security steps of the onboarding process. After onboarding, we recommend changing their roles to viewer.


You should identify the following before initiating the onboarding process:

  • The primary contact
  • Your intended use cases
  • The number of users your app supports
  • How many provider connections your typical user has
  • How your company will consume financial data (e.g. directly, as an aggregator, etc.)
  • Your anticipated monthly call volume

You’ll also need to consult with team members at your company authorized to:

  • Discuss pricing (If your anticipated call volume is greater than 10,000 calls per month).
  • Submit security documentation
  • Sign legal agreements

A help button will be visible in the onboarding wizard if you need assistance. You can search our documentation or send an email to our support team.

Onboarding questionnaire

When you’re ready to move your first app into production, select the “Request production access” option in the left navigation bar. You’ll be presented with our onboarding questionnaire.

This form covers several topics as mentioned above, including:

  • Use cases
  • Financial data consumption
  • Actual and anticipated API call volume
  • Number of users supported
  • Technical readiness
  • Security controls

Depending on your answers to some of the above, our sales team may reach out to you for further information.


We charge per product, offering a per-call pricing model for anticipated call volumes of under 10,000 per month and custom pricing for 10,000+. If you expect your monthly call volume will exceed 10k, Akoya will reach out to you to discuss custom pricing tailored to your needs.

Security & risk review

We’ll ask you what type of security certifications or third party assessments your company has. If you have SOC2, we’ll send a link to the primary contact to upload a copy of the certification. If you don’t have SOC 2, you’ll be presented with a security questionnaire. Our security team will follow up with the primary contact after the questionnaire is completed.

Legal agreement

During the legal agreement step, we’ll ask you to review and sign the Akoya data access legal agreement via Docusign. If you’re not authorized to sign legal agreements on behalf of your company, you’ll be able to share the link with an authorized party. Once submitted, our legal team will reach out to you with any additional questions.

Production access granted!

Once you’ve been granted production access, you’ll be able to configure your first production app.