Data Recipient Hub v5

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The Data Recipient Hub (The Hub) is a web-based application used for registering and managing apps, and viewing provider-specific documentation.

Current version

The current version of the Hub is 5.5. Please see the release notes within the Hub to see what new functionality is available in this release.

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2024-May-23Support Center v2 release
2024-Mar-25Support Center release
2024-Feb-09minor release
2024-Jan-25minor release
2024-Jan-09v5.5 release
2023-Oct-03minor release
2023-Sept-21v5.2 release
2023-Jun-30added glossary
2023‑Feb‑21modified document architecture for easier searchability
2022-Apr-26minor release
2022‑Mar‑29added "Removing users" and "Troubleshooting MFA" sections

What’s Next