How to work with Akoya

Resources to help you navigate the journey from signup to production.

Welcome! We’re thrilled that you want to work with us, and we’re committed to making your implementation as smooth as possible.



Be sure to review the "Requirements" guide for a list of implementation requirements and best practices.

Next steps

  • Join the Data Recipient Hub (our signup form is here)

    • Note: Please create one account per company. You can give additional team members access to your company account.
  • Review the Data Recipient Hub user manual

  • Read the “Getting Started” page and our API docs

  • Set up your sandbox application

    • Provide Akoya with a redirect URI for use with your sandbox test app.

    • Generate a client_id and secret when you configure your sandbox application (see the Data Recipient Hub user manual).

  • Determine how to securely store your client_id and secret

    • Every app has a unique client_id and secret. They must be treated as extremely confidential information and stored appropriately. Akoya cannot retrieve client secrets. If you lose yours, you’ll have to reset it.

Where to go from here


Time estimates are approximate!

All time estimates provided in these guides are ballpark figures for planning purposes only. Many factors beyond Akoya’s control affect project timelines, including the needs of your own application. This content is intended as an aid in developing your own project plans.

Project planning guides

Review the following guides as resources to assist with your project planning:


The “High level project checklist” for suggested steps and approximate timeframes involved in integrating with Akoya. This checklist is appropriate for a business analyst or project manager.


The “Developer project checklist” for the technical implementation steps needed.


The QA test plan for a comprehensive list of functionality tests your QA team or developers can use as you prepare to go live with Akoya.