Versions are set in the path. Incremental changes in a version will be listed in release notes and maintain backward compatibility. The current Akoya version is Akoya API v1.

Akoya API v1

  • Data elements will follow FDX 4.1+ guidelines where possible.
    • /accounts and /transactions follow FDX 4.1 guidelines and include the FDX version in the endpoint path.
    • Akoya product endpoints /payment-networks and /customers/current follow FDX 4.5 guidelines and include the Akoya version in the path.
  • Akoya endpoints
    • accounts (details and lightweight).{{providerId}}/accounts
    • transactions.{{providerId}}/accounts/{{accountId}}/transactions
    • payment-networks.{{providerId}}/{{accountId}}/payment-networks
    • customers/current.{{providerId}}/current


Akoya API v2 is expected later in the year. When it is released, Akoya API v1 will remain available. Details below are subject to change.

  • Data elements will follow FDX 4.5 guidelines where possible.
    • Exception: Akoya does not support annuityAccount inheriting from accounts.
  • All endpoints will include the Akoya version in the path and no longer include the FDX version.
    • Example:
  • Link-based pagination standardization.
  • Akoya endpoints
    • account info
    • balances
    • holdings
    • transactions
    • payment-networks
    • customers/current