The Hub is Akoya's developer portal, allowing you to:

  • Register apps in our sandbox and production environments.
  • Request production access.
  • View application details such as client IDs and secrets.
  • Review and request provider subscriptions.
  • Manage team members.
  • See enabled Akoya products for each of your apps.
  • View supported Akoya products for each provider.
  • Export app and provider data to CSV or JSON.
  • Submit production incident tickets.
  • View Akoya network performance and availability.
    • “Overall availability” displays the performance of the entire network. “Success rate per product” allows you to view success rates of all products, or for even more detailed availability, you may select to view a breakdown by individual products. “Average latency” is measured across the network for all products.
  • Send us feedback, or ask questions.
  • View release notes for the Hub.

The Hub also provides quick access to help and documentation:

What’s Next