Introduction: Sandbox

Akoya provides a sandbox for integrating and testing your application. Implement consent flow, token retrieval, and data requests all using the Akoya sandbox.

The Akoya sandbox allows you to make calls to Akoya APIs for tokens and data.

Every data request in the Data Access Network requires an ID token. To test in sandbox, you must log in as a user and complete the account selection and consent flow process to retrieve an ID token. Akoya has provided a mock data provider for your testing use.

Mikomo Financial

Mikomo Financial, the Akoya mock data provider, is the only provider available in sandbox. Mikomo includes a test library with representative samples from various data providers. The data available from these users is detailed in the Catalog below.

We recommend using Postman for testing. For more information on using Postman, see: Postman collection

Sandbox requires the following parameters for Akoya API v1:

client_id, client_secret, redirect_uriyour variable values
note: the connector parameter is the same as the providerId


Mikomo users are created with static, example response payloads. These payloads are representative and can be used to understand the type of data you may receive through the Data Access Network. Sandbox accounts may also be used for your integration and testing needs. For testing support, we’ve included a variety of Akoya products, provider accounts types, account statuses, transaction loads, and error states.

Note: for all test users, the username and password are the same.

All supported data elements

The mikomo_7 user includes all account categories and data elements available through the Data Access Network.
(See details below)


Akoya products are supported across Mikomo users. This chart is a quick way to see how they work with additional scenario information for integration/testing use. Other product support is listed by Mikomo user below.

Balancesmikomo_10 Checking: g833202fb0866d0ad83472c429Non-zero balance
mikomo_10 Checking: 5dbda8de96eeff05f23934523a1fc258Zero balance
Investmentsmikomo_3Includes 38 investment accounts (see full list below). Includes examples of holdings data.
Transactionstdbank_1 account: 113ea6227f8f3d6a9b37b1d1c6eb3ba9For pagination and date filtering, this account has 200 transactions
Payment networksmikomo_10 Checking: g833202fb0866d0ad83472c429 Savings: 33fbd9e5-9cc3-3d7d-15b3-70d97d87ca1dUser has two accounts with payment information
Customer infomikomo_10To view customer info. This data has no telephone number, for implementation when certain data is not included.

Account types

While there are a number of account types supported by our data providers, this chart includes a selection of account types for your reference. A sample of other account types are listed by Mikomo user below.

Account typeUserScenario
Checkingmikomo_1No checking accounts For use in scenarios to understand when a user doesn’t have a specific account type.
529 College Savingsmikomo_10Account 839502593 with 22 transactions
Brokeragemikomo_10Account 5426873 with 4 transactions
CDmikomo_10Account 11719ae5-2399-1278-e43c-43f24abb3058

Account details


8 accounts

Account typesTransactions
accountType (Number of transactions): accountId
Investment: I, TODIIndividual (20): 1755209824


8 accounts

Account typesTransactions
accountType (Number of transactions): accountId
Investment: HSA, I, TODIHSA (20): 474362798


38 accounts

Account typesTransactions
accountType (Number of transactions): accountId
Investment: I, IRRL, TIC, IRAB, IRA, TODJ, ROTH, TODI, 401KIndividual (20): 1377569312


3 accounts

Account typesTransactions
accountType (Number of transactions): accountId
Investment: J, HSA, ROTHHSA (8): 1221963501


10 accounts

Account typesTransactions
accountType (Number of transactions): accountId
Investment: HSA, TODI, IRA, IRRL, NONP, NRMA, 401knone


5 accounts


  • customers
  • paymentNetworks
    • account 1602364511
Account categoryAccount typeAccount number
investmentAccount401(k) PLAN1222577818


1 account


  • customers
  • paymentNetworks
    • account 47320722f1e9340a8f8ead1e38bdbc215b0866d0ad83472c6777923499a74429
Account typesTransactions
accountType (Number of transactions): accountId
depositAccount: CheckingChecking (1360): 47320722f1e9340a8f8ead1e38bdbc215b0866d0ad83472c6777923499a74429


6 accounts


  • customers
  • paymentNetworks
    • account g833202fb0866d0ad83472c429
    • account 33fbd9e5-9cc3-3d7d-15b3-70d97d87ca1d
Account types/accountIdScenario
depositAccount: Checking g833202fb0866d0ad83472c429[1360] transactions availableBalance: 106717.06
depositAccount: Checking 5dbda8de96eeff05f23934523a1fc258[0] transactions availableBalance: 0
investmentAccount: College Savings 839502593[22] transactions
investmentAccount: BROKERAGE 5426873[4] transactions
depositAccount: CD 11719ae5-2399-1278-e43c-43f24abb3058[0] transactions
depositAccount: SAVINGS 33fbd9e5-9cc3-3d7d-15b3-70d97d87ca1d[4] transactions

Provider data



Representative test users are created with live data from each data provider and collected through the Data Access Network. However, this sample data does not include all possible responses.

To find more information on test users, refer to each data provider's documentation section in the Data Recipient Hub.

Error testing

Some errors are difficult to replicate. For instance, there is no way for you to revoke an end-user’s consent via their bank’s app or website to test the errors that would result in your app. When data is requested for these users, the result will always be an error.

To test with these Mikomo users, go through the consent flow as usual to obtain an ID token. Then, any data call will result in the errors listed below.

Note: username and password are the same.

user/pwderror typemessage
mikomo_500500Internal server error
mikomo_501501Subsystem unavailable
mikomo_601601Customer not found
mikomo_602602Customer not authorized
mikomo_701701Account not found
mikomo_702702Invalid start or end date
mikomo_703703Invalid date range
mikomo_704704Account type not supported

Change log

2022-Oct-21Updated “Error testing” section with new mikomo_704 user.
2022‑Jun‑13Updated document for clarification, added Catalog section to detail use cases, and added reference for new user, mikomo_10