Introduction to Sandbox

Updated August 3, 2021


The Akoya sandbox allows you to make real calls to Akoya Token and Data Access endpoints.

Every Data Access API request requires an id_token. To test in sandbox, you must log in as a user to a data provider and complete the consent flow process to retrieve an id_token. Akoya has provided a mock data provider for your testing use.

Mikomo Bank

Mikomo Bank, the Akoya mock data provider, is the only provider available in sandbox. Mikomo includes a test library with representative samples from various data providers. Please refer to the table below to find the users that represent your testing needs.

We recommend using Postman for testing. For help installing and using Postman in sandbox, see the following:

Sandbox requires the following parameters:

note: the connector parameter is the same as the providerId


Validation and integration testing

For validation and integration testing, please use results from mikomo_7

Data reference

Provider/UsersHow to useProducts
mikomo_7for validation & integration testingall account categories/data elements
mikomo 501-703test errors responsessee error table
Mikomo Bank
mikomo_1, mikomo_2, mikomo_3, mikomo_5, mikomo_6
sample dataInvestment products

Sample data

Representative test users are created with live data and collected through the Data Access Network. However, this sample data does not include all possible responses.



A more comprehensive catalog of test users is available through the Data Recipient Hub.

Comprehensive test user mikomo_7

The mikomo_7 user includes all account categories and every data element available through the Data Access Network.

useraccount category - account typetransaction entity: account number
mikomo_7depositAccount - "CHECKING"
loanAccount - "COMMERCIALLOAN"
locAccount - "CREDITCARD"
investmentAccount - "401(k) PLAN"
insuranceAccount - "J"
loanTransaction: 1316072226
locTransaction: 1417522980
investmentTransaction: 1222577818
insuranceTransaction: 1254778531

Error testing

To test specific error types, please use the following Mikomo users:

usererror typemessage
mikomo_501501Subsystem unavailable
mikomo_601601Customer not found
mikomo_602602Customer not authorized
mikomo_701701Account not found
mikomo_702702Invalid start or end date
mikomo_703703Invalid date range