Identifiers necessary to make ACH and RTP payments.

Includes account payment information such as bankId, identifier, type, and identifierType.

Some data providers support tokenized account numbers. If the paymentNetworks response indicates that the identifierType is TOKENIZED_ACCOUNT_NUMBER, then the account number is tokenized. Please refer to Account number tokenization FAQs.

Results for payments are returned in JSON in FDX format.

Example response


Data elements shown are not exhaustive

This is an example. See the chart below for a complete list of supported data elements.

    "paymentNetworks": [
            "transferOut": true,
            "identifier": "454992210071",
            "bankId": "125000024",
            "transferIn": true,
            "identifierType": "ACCOUNT_NUMBER",
            "type": "US_ACH"

Supported data elements

bankIdstringBank identifier used by the payment network ie. Routing Number
identifierstringThe number used to identify the account within the payment network. If identifierType is ACCOUNT_NUMBER, this is the account number.
identifierTypestringType of identifier
typestringType of payment network
transferInbooleanCan transfer funds to the account using this information
transferOutbooleanCan transfer funds from the account using this information