Verified contact information on file, including name, email, address, and phone number.

The Customers product supports two endpoints for retrieval of customer information.

The default endpoint, used in most cases, is Customer info (/customers). This endpoint returns information for the permissioned end-user.

An alternative endpoint, used in some cases, is Account holder information (/contacts). You will use this endpoint if it is required by specific data providers. Please check the Data Recipient Hub to determine which providers support this endpoint. This endpoint returns information on all account holders for the accounts permissioned by the end-user.

Results are returned in JSON in FDX format.

Example response


Data elements shown are not exhaustive

This is an example. See the chart below for a complete list of supported data elements.

    "customer": {
        "customerId": "1521963501",
        "name": {
            "last": "Last",
            "first": "First",
            "middle": "H"
        "telephones": [
                "number": "9585550103"
        "addresses": [
                "state": "TN",
                "city": "SPRINGFIELD",
                "line1": "7572 Road Rd",
                "postalCode": "37172-6488"
        "email": [
            "[email protected]"

Supported data elements

customerIdstringLong-term persistent identity of the customer. This identity must be unique to the owning institution
name.firststringFirst or given name. This data element may contain first & last name if not separated.
name.prefixstringName prefix, e.g. Mr.
name.suffixstringGenerational or academic suffix
name.companystringCompany name
addressesarray[addresses]An array of the customer's addresses
addresses.typestringThe location type of an address
addresses.line1stringMay contain full address if not separated
addresses.countrystringISO 3166 Country Code
telephonesarray[telephones]An array of the customer's telephone numbers.
telephones.countrystringCountry calling codes defined by ITU-T recommendations E.123 and E.164
emailarray[string]An array of the customer's electronic mail addresses