Akoya API v2


Do you have feedback? Questions?

If you have feedback or general questions about Akoya API v2, please let us know! Or if you'd like to report a bug or issue, fill out our support form.

What’s changing?

Data recipients on the Akoya network have growing needs to serve their ever evolving customers and use cases. To help recipients on their quest to provide the best experience to their end-users, Akoya is launching new API products to meet these needs. Akoya API v2 will be aligned with the following products: Account info, Balances, Customers, Investments, Payments, Statements and Transactions.

For more details, see a summary of the new v2 endpoints below or check out more detailed documentation in our guides.

1. What will happen to the v1 endpoints that I’m using today?

We will continue to support our v1 endpoints until a timed sunset date. For more, please see Akoya’s versioning guide. All new implementations should use our v2 endpoints. All new features, optimization, and pricing will be supported with v2 endpoints only.

2. Can I migrate from the v1 endpoints to the v2 endpoints?

Yes. Please refer to our migration guide. We're always here to help as required!

3. Should I expect a new payload format or different data elements names?

No. The name of data elements and the format of the payload will remain consistent and compatible with the way the v1 endpoints are structured following the FDX standard.

Why are we making those changes?

In a few words: more consistency, more standardization, more granularity, better use case-fit, a clearer pricing, and more optimized data to use case mapping.

Akoya API v2 will provide data recipients products that are as more understandable and consistent with the market needs and their use cases. Additionally, v2 will also increase standardization across the financial institutions we provide access to, including a standardized path for all endpoints and standardized pagination for our Transactions product.

Additionally, Akoya API v2 will help with our upcoming product-based subscription management. Stay tuned for more information! This will simplify the sign up and onboarding process for recipients and a clearer and more transparent experience for end-users.

Why does it matter to me (a data recipient)? We are providing more granular endpoints that better solve for your use cases and offer more tailored and transparent pricing. Offering a consistent experience across all our data providers is also a key mission for us. That’s why we always drive for standardization across the providers we have on our network, making it easier for you to integrate with Akoya’s network and to use our products.

Let's be specific!

Are you looking to do a balance check before initiating a payment? We got you with our new /balances endpoint.

Are you looking for an easy way to list an end-user’s accounts at a given financial institution? Easily done with our /accounts-basic endpoint

Looking to consistently paginate through historical transactions for one of your end-user’s account? We got you covered with our v2 /transactions endpoint.

And those are just a few examples on how to use our v2 endpoints! We are sure you will find new and innovative ways to leverage them to best serve your end-users.