Deprecation history

The following versions or elements have been deprecated and are no longer supported. Please be sure to update to the latest version or implementation.

FDX-based versioningSandbox: 2022‑Feb‑10Akoya now follows its own versioning that allows for new products while maintaining backward compatibility. The current version is Akoya API v1. For more information, see Versioning.
akoyaId2021‑Nov‑16The Data Access API required a user-generated unique Id to be passed with each call for tracking and support. This is no longer required and has been replaced with an Akoya generated unique Id passed in the response header, x-akoya-interaction-id.
Data Access API v1.02021‑Oct‑1The Data Access API v1.0 was modeled after FDX’s Durable Data API (DDA) v1.0.