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Data Recipient Hub update

We're making it simpler and even more secure to log in to the Hub!

Users of the Data Recipient Hub will soon be able to leverage new technology to log-in quicker, recover account info when necessary, and know with confidence that their account is protected. Updates to look forward to include:

  • Authenticator applications
  • Security keys
  • Recovery codes
  • Biometric devices

To take advantage of these updates, all Hub users will need to re-authenticate—a quick process that should take less than two minutes. This update will not affect any existing configurations or data flows. The Hub experience and existing applications will not change.

Stay tuned for more information and an email from the Akoya Data Recipient Hub with instructions on how to set a new password.


Akoya is launching a statements product!

The new endpoints are based on FDX 5.1 specifications and will, at launch, support pdf, gif, jpg, tiff, png, and json formats.

Expected Summer 2023.

Preview the API documentation on our v2.1 API docs preview.

Search for statements

Retrieve a list of available statements for the end-user's consented accounts. You may request a date range of up to two years of historical statements (maximum date ranges vary by provider).

The paginated response includes an array of statement information with the end-user's account id and statement details such as statement id, date, description, and status. The results also include links to GET the statement image.

Endpoint: /statements/{version}/{providerId}/{accountId}

Request list

accountIdpathstringAccount Identifier
startTimequerystring<date>Start date for use in retrieval of statements (ISO 8601)
endTimequerystring<date>End date for use in retrieval of statements (ISO 8601)
offsetquerystringOpaque cursor used by the provider to send the next set of records
limitqueryintNumber of statements to include. Providers may have varying minimum and maximum values


The response includes a paginated list of available statements. Each statements object may include:

accountIdstringCorresponds to accountId in Account-info10001
statementIdstringIdentity of the statement20001
statementDatestring<date>Date of the statement (ISO 8601)2022-12-02
descriptionstringDescription of statementMonthly Statement for April 2023
statusstringDefines the status of a documentAVAILABLE PROCESSING FAILED
linkshateoasLink object arrayThe Akoya link to the statement

Retrieve a statement

Once you have the statement id from the statement list, use the provided link to retrieve the statement.

Endpoint: /statements/{version}/{providerId}/{accountId}/{statementId}

Request statement

accountIdYpathstringAccount Identifier
statementIdYpathstringStatement Identifier
AcceptYheaderContentTypes: application/pdf image/gif image/jpeg image/tiff image/png application/json*Document format

Akoya Management API v1

Akoya is introducing a new API that will allow you to create and manage your applications and view subscriptions to providers.

Expected Spring 2023.

Upcoming features

Create applications

You’ll be able to create applications (up to fifty at a time) with details such as application name, redirectUris, your website, contacts, description, and links to the app logo. You may also include a link to your app's icon.

Logos and icons must be a transparent PNG, JPG, GIF or WEBP with a minimum width/height of 240px and a maximum width/height of 1024px. The icon must be square.


To receive data, your app will need subscriptions. A subscription links your application to the Akoya products your app has purchased and the data providers that have activated your subscription.

During app creation, you’ll request subscriptions for each of your applications. After creation, the Management API will allow you to keep track of subscription status as well as the application’s access to Akoya products, subscribed or requested providers, and supported account categories.

Update and delete applications

Using your application credentials, you may update application details including the application name, redirectUris, website link, contacts, description, logo, and icons. Or even delete the application.

Search for data providers and Akoya products

The Management API also provides powerful search features including the ability to list the Akoya products you’ve subscribed to and find providers which support specific Akoya products.

Account number tokenization

Expected Spring 2023.

Akoya is launching the ability for data providers to use tokens instead of account numbers in financial data sharing. We announced this upcoming support in May 2022:

Akoya is the first third-party service provider to provide access to the Secure Token Exchange (STE), a new optional capability from The Clearing House (TCH) that issues tokens for financial institutions’ account numbers, for the RTP® network and EPN, the real-time payments and Automated Clearing House (ACH) networks operated by TCH. Akoya is the first third-party service provider for tokenized payments

What does this mean for data recipients?

This means your end-user’s account information is more secure. Real account numbers aren’t shared, but rather, you’ll use pointers to the account numbers. If you use the Akoya Payments product, you don’t have to do anything. The tokenized account numbers work the same as real account numbers.

For more information, see Reduce fraud risk with tokenized account numbers

And more

Expect more updates from Akoya! We’re working on additional features for the Data Recipient Hub and other new products such as an account holder information endpoint.

More information coming soon!