The Akoya Management API helps you create and update your applications on the Akoya network. You may also search for providers and request subscriptions for the data you need.


Sign up for the Hub

Your first step is to join the Akoya network through the Data Recipient Hub. The Hub allows you to create an app in sandbox and test our product endpoints. See: Getting Started.

Once you're on the network, you may use the Management API to access your organization's applications.

Get credentials

The Management API requires a service (access) token for your organization to use when managing your apps. To create a service token, you'll need a client id and secret.



Please contact Akoya for your client id and secret.

Once you have credentials, use the service token endpoint to generate an access token which will last for 24-hours. After it expires, you will need to use your client id and secret to generate a new service token.

Service token URLs

Create apps



You may create and update up to 10 apps in the Akoya sandbox.

When creating apps, you must specify which Akoya products your app will use and make subscription requests. A subscription links your application to the Akoya products your app will use and the data providers that have activated your subscription.

To determine which Akoya products you'll need and which providers support those products, you may use the following:

Now you're ready to create your apps! Read below for an outline of the features available to manage your apps.

Management API URLs


The Management API allows you to mange or search your App(s) details, Akoya products, and your subscriptions.


Create your app(s)

This endpoint allows you to create applications via API. You must provide name, redirectUris, contacts, description, and links to the app logo. You may also include a link to your app's icon.

Logos and icons must be a PNG or JPG. The logo must be 240px-1024px with a max size of 2MB. The icon must be square with minimum dimensions of 40 x 40px and a maximum of 200 x 200px. The maximum size is 2MB.

List of your apps

Once you've created apps, you may get a list of all apps and all details.

Update your app details

You may update your application details such as name, redirectUris, contacts, description, logo, and icon updates.

Remove your app

You may also delete applications.


To get lists of your subscribe Akoya products and which providers support the Akoya products you’re interested in, use the Subscribed products or Providers by Akoya product endpoints.


The Management API has several endpoints to help you manage subscriptions. App subscription details will list subscription information for each or your applications. This information includes subscribed Akoya products and providers, including which account category the provider supports for the subscription. You may also use Subscription status by app to get a list of list your application's subscription status for each provider.

Create or add subscriptions

Create or add a subscription to an existing app by providing an array of providerId in the body of the request. To get the ids for providers you'd like to subscribe to, use the Providers by Akoya product endpoint for a list of providers that support each Akoya product.