Offset limit pagination for Management API

Several Management API endpoints use pagination. You may page through data using offset and limit query parameters. Responses include a metadata element with page information.

Endpoints with pagination

  • /recipients/:recipientId/apps
  • /subscriptions/:appId
  • /subscriptions/:appId/status
  • /recipients/:recipientId/providers


The Management API uses limit offset pagination by default. If an endpoint supports pagination, the request should include offset and limit query parameters.



If offset and limit parameters are not included in requests to the supported endpoints, your response will default to the first page and include fifty items.

The metadata will default to offset = 0 and limit = 50

Example request

curl --request GET \
  --url '' \
  --header 'Accept: application/json' \
  --header 'Authorization: Bearer 123'


All responses to endpoints that support pagination will include paging information in a metadata element.

New metadata elements

  • offset - number of skipped items (default = 0)
  • limit - number of items per page (default = 50, must be <=500)
  • totalElements - total number of elements
  • totalPages - total number of pages.

Example response

    "metadata": {
        "page": {
            "offset": 0,
            "limit": 5,
            "totalPages": 866,
            "totalElements": 4330
    "providers": [
            "providerId": "01_one_bank",
            "displayName": "01:One Bank"
            "providerId": "purple_bank",
            "displayName": "Purple Bank"
            "providerId": "provider:idx0",
            "displayName": "A Provider Name"
            "providerId": "provider:idx1",
            "displayName": "Another Provider Name"
            "providerId": "provider:idx10",
            "displayName": "Example Bank"

How to use limit offset pagination

offset is your position in the total number of items. To move to the next page, add limit to the current offset value for the next request.

Example paging

/providers?products=balances&register=ANYReturns the first 50 providers
/providers?products=balances&register=ANY&offset=0&limit=25Returns the first 25 providers
/providers?products=balances&register=ANY&offset=25&limit=25Returns provider 26 to 50