More guides and other updates (May 20, 2024)

Akoya continues to improve the network and update our documentation to help you integrate. We’ve added an overview of the production access process. This guide outlines what to expect during production onboarding.

Another new guide, “Webhooks: intro,” gives a high-level introduction to webhooks and how they may be used on the Akoya network. For more on webhooks, the previously published technical guide has more details on receiving notifications.

Other improvements

To help users find all onboarding documentation, we’ve renamed “Getting Started” and “How to work with Akoya” to “Onboarding: Getting started” and “Onboarding: Integration”. Note: the page links (slugs) were not changed.

In addition, we’ve resolved a documentation discrepancy where the Akoya APIs v2.2.1 specification referenced the x-akoya-interaction-type enums correctly ("batch" and "user"), but the description referenced those enums incorrectly as all uppercase. The description has been updated.

We also updated the “Get authorization code” reference page to emphasize path param differences between sandbox and production servers.