New! Akoya Developer Community & more! (September 12, 2023)

Akoya now has a dedicated space for developers, programmers, and technical professionals to collaborate and share knowledge. Check out our new Developer Community section!

Other news includes added support to the Management API for up to 10 sandbox apps. This was a requested feature we’re excited to roll out.

Plus! Our docs have new guides and design improvements. Read for more details!

We’ve also updated our Coming Soon page with all the exciting upcoming features such as enrichment, notifications, and more.

Developer Community

Easily start a new discussion or join an existing thread of technical conversations at

Be sure to “Like” comments or answers that have helped you in some way and engage with peers on product, feature, and enhancement announcements.

  • Ask questions: Get answers from Akoya representatives and fellow network participants.

  • Give feedback: Share your thoughts with us related to existing or upcoming products, features, and enhancements.

  • Share your knowledge: Provide insight and tips to fellow community members.

🔥 Continual UX improvements!

Our documentation site now includes a footer which will allow you quick access to the Developer Community, guidelines, code of conduct, and user guide. Be sure to read through them!

The footer is the first in a planned design improvement to add new features and simplify guides in our technical documentation. Future enhancements include technical articles, tutorials, and code snippets (recipes).

We’ve added an overview page to our API docs section to help you find the Akoya products or service APIs that you need.

Additional updates

Management API Sandbox support

You may now test the Management API in sandbox with up to 10 test apps. We’ve updated the Service tokens and Management API specifications to includes sandbox URLs. For more, see the Management API guide.

New guide for server URLs

For a quick reference, we’ve created a high-level guide to our public-facing sandbox and production API servers and where they’re used.