Support tickets in the Hub

Now you can report, track, and manage support issues seamlessly!

Starting today, you can view support tickets opened by your organization. Now, once you’ve opened a ticket, you may update it with additional comments and view updates provided by Akoya Support.

Plus! We've also added a guide on Tokenized Account Numbers (TANS).

Support ticket dashboard

The improved ticket dashboard includes:

  • Ticket creation: Easily create support tickets, providing essential details about the issue at hand, such as severity and description.
  • Ticket dashboard: View open, resolved, and closed tickets. This dashboard offers a comprehensive overview of ongoing and past incidents.
  • Commenting: Add comments to tickets as needed. You’ll also be able to read and respond to updates from Akoya Support.
  • Sorting and filtering tickets: The dashboard will allow users to sort tickets by issue name, ticketID, created date, last updated date, ticket creator, and ticket status. You will also be able to filter the tickets by ticket status.

All users within your organization may view submitted tickets. This open-access approach promotes transparency and encourages shared responsibility for incident resolution. Both viewers and administrators have the capability to submit production incident tickets. This feature enables everyone in your organization to take action when necessary.

For more information, see: Support tickets.

Tokenized Account Numbers (TANS)

The number of financial payments that depend on the ACH and RTP networks is growing rapidly. Traditionally, these payments require knowing and holding a customer’s account and routing numbers. The storing and transfer of this sensitive information is inherently risky and increases the likelihood of financial fraud.

Tokenized Account Numbers (TANs) protect account numbers by replacing the actual account number with a token, a randomly generated number. Read our new guide on how they're used and for troubleshooting tips.