๐Ÿš€ Support tickets have landed! (September 6, 2023)

Our latest Data Recipient Hub release features support tickets, an in-app experience that allows users to contact Akoya or to file a production incident ticket. The first iteration of support tickets will allow you to create a ticket which is registered with an Akoya support specialist who will reach out via email to assist with your inquiry. Future enhancements to support tickets will allow for the entire interaction to take place directly inside of the Hub.

Contact Akoya

This is our general questions and feedback form. You are provided an open-ended description box that allows you to ask more generalized questions about the Akoya network, Data Recipient Hub, or provide helpful feedback. The intention of this form is for non-production related questions.

Production Incident

Our production incident ticket is for anyone on our network that may be experiencing an issue or error in the production environment. This ticket allows Akoya to collect additional information such as affected functionality, number of impacted users, date/timestamp, and other information to help our customer support team troubleshoot your issue quickly.

For more information, please see the Hub manual.