Pre-invite role assignment in the Hub (June 13, 2024)

Previously, invited team members to the Data Recipient Hub would be assigned the Administrator role. An administrator user would have to modify the new team member’s role after they accepted the invitation, creating an interim period where the member could have an inappropriate level of access to the Hub.

In an effort to heighten security in the Hub, we’ve added the ability to select a new team member’s role before inviting them to the Hub, ensuring the new member has appropriate permissions to the Hub from the start.


  • Reduced likelihood of human error: Administrators may forget to assign the viewer role to a new member, granting them more access than required to perform expected tasks in the Hub.

  • Improved system security: Granting appropriate access from the start improves the overall security of the Hub.

  • Clear expectation for new members: Invited team members better understand what they’re expected to do in the Hub and aren’t given access inappropriate to their responsibilities.

Please see the Data Recipient Hub User Manual for more details.