New 'Statements' product live (August 2 2023)

Akoya’s Statements product enables consumers to securely access historical account statements showing personal information, as well as account and transaction details. ​

Help your users to improve their overall financial wellness and use Statements with applications for financial management, accounting, tax preparation, and more. ​

Retrieve a list of available statements for the end-user's consented accounts. You may request a date range of up to two years of historical statements (maximum date ranges vary by provider).​

The paginated response includes an array of statement information with the end-user's account id and statement details such as statement id, date, description, and status. The results also include links to GET the statement image.​

Statements endpoints are based on FDX 5.1 specifications, and responses are returned in PDF format. File formats that could be supported in the future are GIF, JPG, TIFF, and PNG.

Statements is now available in the DR Hub in v2 of the API. Read the API documentation to learn more.