New! Network performance metrics (January 24, 2024)

Akoya is pleased to announce a new feature in the Data Recipient Hub which will allow you to quickly gauge the network's reliability and efficiency.

Now, the Hub includes a dashboard with three key metrics: overall network availability, success rates of products, and average latency for all products. You’ll be able to view these near-real-time metrics for the past month, week, or day.

Overall availability displays the performance of the entire network. Success rate per product allows you to view success rates of all products, or for even more detailed availability, you may select to view a breakdown by individual products. Average latency is measured across the network for all products. These metrics are gathered at a global level and are not specific to your API calls.

As we continue to improve and enhance the Hub, we hope this tool helps you monitor the overall health of the Akoya network.

Check it out in the Hub!