New Akoya Hub features (March 29, 2023)

We’ve made several improvements to the Akoya Data Recipient Hub experience. This includes additional support for Payments and Customers within the data inventory—allowing you to view which providers support these products—as well as documentation updates to help with integration.

Data inventory improvements

To see the improvements in product support in the Akoya Hub’s data inventory, go to “Data providers” then select the “Data Inventory” tab. From there, using the “Akoya products” dropdown, you may view Payments or Customers inventories.

Payments and Customers data inventories now available

Payments and Customers data inventories now viewable

Documentation updates

We’ve updated our documentation with information regarding our scheduled maintenance window:

Akoya has scheduled maintenance on Tuesdays from 10AM-1PM EST. Outages during this time should be expected, but minimal in nature. If you encounter issues during this time, please wait until the conclusion of the maintenance window to try again.

This information can be found in our “Best Practices” guide so that you may plan your implementations accordingly.