Data Recipient Hub 5.0.0 (July 17, 2023)

Our latest Data Recipient Hub release includes an updated user interface and experience with an addition of new core features including subscription management. Please see the manual for details!

Introducing Subscription Management

Subscription management allows new and existing apps to initiate a subscription request to data providers. Depending on the provider, subscription requests can be auto approved or may require manual approval which can take 10+ days.

Akoya products

This release continues to surface Akoya products and their impact on the network by enhancing several views with Akoya products details.

The My Apps section now includes an Akoya products view, a simplified offering to group related data elements into purchasable products for your app(s). Under application details, you may now see which Akoya products your app relies on to power its capabilities. The Data Providers section shows which Akoya products each provider supports on our network.

Role Based Access Control

Our application has been enhanced to designate users with an “admin” or “viewer” role. Roles can be assigned to users to enable or restrict certain features and actions.

Team management

Besides a design lift, the team management page has been enhanced to allow admin users to edit far more details about their company. More than just the ability to edit your company’s name, now you can set and update your company’s description, logo, icon, and contact emails.