Data Access API migrating to v4.1 (May 5, 2021)

🛑 Data Access API v1 is going to be deprecated on October 1. Akoya will be working with data recipients to assist with migration.

Akoya Access API v1.0 is modeled after an earlier version of the FDX API, the “Durable Data API (DDA) v1.0,” and Akoya Access API v4.0 is modeled after the most recent one, the  “Financial Data Exchange (FDX)v4.1.”

Therefore, they return roughly the same underlying data (with some exceptions) while in different formats. The v4 APIs support a wider range of data providers, more data types, and an expanded list of data elements. It also provides better ways of accessing data and richer data responses that compatible with the most recent FDX API.