Release Notes

Release Notes cover updates to Akoya products, documentation, and Akoya APIs.

March 2, 2022

New tech guides and updated error definitions

Several pages received updates!

  • Getting started has been updated to add more details to help you get going with Akoya!

  • Error code 704 has been added to error definitions. This error is returned if using the /payment-networks endpoint with an account that doesn't support payment-networks. Data Access API errors

  • A new reference page lists deprecated items. Deprecation history

  • A new tech guide explains link-based pagination. Link-based pagination

February 11, 2022

New Akoya products!

Akoya is excited to announce two new endpoints available in Sandbox: /payment-networks and /customers/current.

  • New endpoints in Sandbox! Akoya has two upcoming products. They are now available for testing in Sandbox.

    • Payments. This product supports use cases such as payment enablement or account opening. The /payment-networks endpoint returns identifiers necessary to make ACH and RTP payments.

    • Customers. This product supports use cases such as payment enablement, account opening, or lending & credit enhancement. The /customers/current endpoint returns verified customer contact information including name, email, address, and phone number.

  • Akoya is implementing a versioning system that allows for new products while maintaining backward compatibility. This new versioning is now available in Sandbox. The current version is Akoya API v1. For more information, see Versioning.

  • New test user: mikomo_9. This user allows for testing /payment-networks and /customers/current payloads. See: Mikomo.

January 28, 2022

Public Postman workspace

The Akoya API Postman collection is now available in a public workspace!

Get started quickly using Postman!

Run in PostmanRun in Postman

January 27, 2022


Data Recipient Hub

Provider-specific documentation has moved from the “Sandbox Data” guide section to a more integrated experience inside the Data Recipient Hub!

The Data Providers section of the Hub now includes provider specific information for testing and integration on the Akoya Data Access Network including:

  • Provider-specific integration details

  • Description of available Sandbox testing data

  • Model responses

October 7, 2021

Data Recipient Hub

We’ve updated the data provider’s section of the Data Recipient Hub!

A global view of data elements is now available under “Data Providers.”

  • Lists FDX elements by category (e.g. Deposit account) instead of FDX parent type (e.g. accountDescriptor)
  • Shows “type” and “description” and “version” information for each data element
  • Shows the elements that are in inventory, whether they’re conditionally sent, always sent or not in inventory (not available)

August 31, 2021


Error code updates

Several Data Access API error code responses will be updated August 31, 2021.

Please note: the error code returns as an integer.

Invalid input errors

The following conditions will now produce an “invalid input” error response:

  • Calling an endpoint with an akoyaId longer than 64 characters
  • Calling the V1 /accounts endpoint with a time parameter other than the valid values of rt or t1
  • Calling an endpoint with invalid characters in the following parameters: fiId, accountId, accountIds, resultType

Example error response:

HTTP 400

   "message":"Invalid input"

Invalid Provider ID error

When making calls using the providerId parameter, the following conditions will now produce a “subscription not found” error response:

  • Your App does not have a subscription to the provider
  • The providerId does not exist

Example error response:

HTTP 403

   "message":"Subscription not found"

This previously returned an unspecific HTTP 500 “Internal server error”.

May 5, 2021


Data Access API migrating to v4.1

Data Access API v1 is going to be deprecated on October 1. Akoya will be working with data recipients to assist with migration.

Akoya Access API v1.0 is modeled after an earlier version of the FDX API, the “Durable Data API (DDA) v1.0,” and Akoya Access API v4.0 is modeled after the most recent one, the  “Financial Data Exchange (FDX)v4.1.” Therefore, they return roughly the same underlying data (with some exceptions) while in different formats. The v4 APIs support a wider range of data providers, more data types, and an expanded list of data elements. It also provides better ways of accessing data and richer data responses that compatible with the most recent FDX API.

March 31, 2021


Updated Postman collection

Postman collection has been updated to include account authorization into one step and descriptions for the revoke token endpoint.

March 9, 2021

New doc added: Introduction to FDX

An Introduction to FDX has been published to help those who are not familiar with it to understand the standards body.