Error code updates (August 31, 2022)

🚧 Several Data Access API error code responses will be updated August 31, 2021.

Please note: the error code returns as an integer.

Invalid input errors

The following conditions will now produce an “invalid input” error response:

  • Calling an endpoint with an akoyaId longer than 64 characters

  • Calling the V1 /accounts endpoint with a time parameter other than the valid values of rt or t1

  • Calling an endpoint with invalid characters in the following parameters: fiId, accountId, accountIds, resultType

Example error response:

HTTP 400

   "message":"Invalid input"

Invalid Provider ID error

When making calls using the providerId parameter, the following conditions will now produce a “subscription not found” error response:

  • Your App does not have a subscription to the provider

  • The providerId does not exist

Example error response:

HTTP 403

   "message":"Subscription not found"

This previously returned an unspecific HTTP 500 “Internal server error”.